Organic Fair Trade Coffee

We sell only the best organic fair trade coffee from locally based worker-owned cooperative Equal Exchange. Equal Exchange sets a whole new level of standards when it comes to supplier and partner relationships, including our relationship with the planet. You can read more about their important work in coffee trade and other fair trade food products on their website.

Available in 2 hot blends all day long:

Love Buzz - a smoky full city & French roast blend (darker)

Las Colinas - a medium roast (lighter)

Also available as cold brew iced coffee:

We combine coarsely ground coffee with cool water and allow it to steep for 12-24 hours. This long, slow soak creates a thick coffee concentrate with seriously sweet chocolate and malty flavors that we love! 

Organic Fair Trade Hot Teas

For those chilly mornings or sought out zenful afternoon moments, try a cup of organic hot tea from Equal Exchange. We offer Earl Gray, Darjeeling, and English Breakfast. 

Organic Cold-Brewed Teas

A refreshing, wholesome addition to our beverage lineup, we now offer two blends of organic cold-brewed teas. Choose from unsweetened organic cranberry-pomegranate green tea or unsweetened organic black tea. Both are perfectly refreshing on their own, but also go great with a little splash of our freshly brewed lemonade (available seasonally) or simple syrup for sweetness. 

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

(Available seasonally - spring & summer)

Made fresh, we combine freshly squeezed lemon juice, filtered water, and cane sugar for a classic warm-weather drink. Fresh lemon juice offers several health benefits, including alkalizing the blood, detoxifying the liver and skin, promoting healthy digestion, boosting your vitamin C intake, and more.